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English and Polish toilets are not the same thing

Zaktualizowano: 7 wrz 2019

It was during a Christmas break which I was spending in Canada. I was there with my boyfriend and we were spending that week with his family in a rural town in Northern Ontario. The North during this time of a year is really something that would give you chills. I experienced minus thirty degrees Celsius (during the day!!!) for the first time in my life. I saw a tons of snow, which we haven't seen in Poland for a few years now - not even in my hometown near the Beskidy mountain range. However, this story is not about extremely cold Canadian winters, it is about... toilets :)

My boyfriend was absent for a while, so I wanted to ask if anyone had seen him. I approached his sister and asked:

Have you seen your brother? Is he in the toilet?

The poor girl couldn't help herself, even though I saw her trying hard, she started laughing at what I had just said. The thing is, I treated the word 'toilet' as the Polish word 'toaleta', which is 'a room with a toilet inside', and a synonym of 'bathroom'. Except 'toilet' in English means only... a toilet, the thing on which you sit while in the bathroom. So it sounded like I was asking her if my boyfriend literally ended up IN the toilet-bowl :)

Miss Iza

English and Science Teacher

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