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It takes one to know... the accent! #Englishanecdote

Zaktualizowano: 7 wrz 2019

Hello there fellow learners of English!

I am Ms. Iza and I want to share a funny (at least in my opinion) story with you. It happened not so long ago. Together with a friend of mine I took part in the 7th English Night in Opole - and here I need to stop to strongly encourage you to come to next edition! English Night is an non-profit event which gathers in one place speakers of English, so they can get to know each other and polish the language.

Anyway, while being there I had a pleasure to meet Craig - and Craig, if you are reading it, I am looking forward to your next trip to Opole! Craig comes from Melbourne, Australia. On my long and not ending journey of learning English I had never get to know Australian accent before. That being said, I had two bloopers.

The first happened just in the beginning when I asked him:

Do you have a menu?, pronouncing 'menu' in a bit French way.
Money?, he replied. Yes, I have some money, what do you need?

I guess that is the Australian hospitality :)

The second appeared somewhere during a long conversation about Polish culture and presence of liquor on tables at almost any occasion. Craig said to me:

I guess you can't drive to a Polish party...

Seems like a simple sentence, doesn't it? Nobody likes to be a driver on Polish parties :) . The thing is the way he pronounced 'party' was so peculiar that I heard 'potty'. I was stupefied! So I replied:

What kind of party have you been to that you ended up in a potty?

We bursted out laughing when we all understood the big misunderstanding there.


  • encourage (v) - zachęcać

  • gather (v) - gromadzić

  • polish (v) - szlifować, polerować

  • blooper (n) - wpadka

  • pronounce (v) - wymawiać

  • hospitality (n) - gościnność

  • liquor (n) - alkohol wysokoprocentowy

  • peculiar (adj) - osobliwy

  • potty (n) - nocnik

  • stupefied (adj) - zszokowany, ogłupiony

  • misunderstanding (n) - nieporozumienie

Have you had any funny bloopers in English? Let me know in the comments :)

Miss Iza

English & Science teacher

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